Water Delivery

Link to the bot: @Water Delivery
Category: Viber chatbot

Viber chatbot that helps order water fast and reduce the load on operators, optimise the process of water delivery orders.

Chatbot features:

  1. Optimizing operator’s performance. The bot gathers and forwards data on water orders, delivery payment status.
  2. The bot works with permanent users. Using the order template with user data inserted, the feature allows making subsequent orders in two clicks.
  3. The bot allows adjusting the order template, is the user needs to update any data.
  4. The bot lets the user to set reminders about the need to make new water delivery orders. The user can enable this feature and select a convenient time for reminders.

Bot benefits:

  • Allows the user to order water delivery in a fast and convenient way; in addition, this is an effective tool of order registration for the operator.
  • Speeds up the order placement reducing the process to just two taps on the phone.
  • Reduces the workload on operators, optimizes the process of placing orders for order delivery.
  • Increases the number of orders, as the bot reminds the user to order water.
  • Facilitates new customer engagement, as the possibility to place the order without constant call to the operator saves lots of time.
  • The impact of the human factor is reduced which ensures mistake-free order placement.

Category: Viber боты
Author: Alpha Bots
Client: Water Delivery
Date: 15.09.2020