The Tender

Link to the bot: @The Tender
Category: Viber chatbot

Viber chatbot for searching and quickly tracking relevant suctions based on the set parameters at Prozorro.Sales.

Chatbot features:

  1. Monitoring for tracking auctions that appear on the customer’s website. When this process was running on the website, users could not quickly track new auctions, while with the help of this bot, this task is now fast and easy.
  2. Active tracking that users can customize based on their needs.
  3. Send customer requests to managers where they can select a request and process it, while the other manager will see that the given request was already dealt with.
  4. Bot administrator can generate a list of requests and see which of them were handled and use this information to manage employees and the business.
  5. Integrates with the database of Ukrainian settlements.
  6. Integrates with the customer’s website.
  7. A possibility to get answers to frequently asked questions
  8. Users can quickly contact support.

Bot benefits:

  • Increasing the loyalty of the user audience.
  • Increasing the number of customer platform users.
  • High speed of incoming information for the user.
  • The user does not need to monitor websites in search of information while the information provided by the bot is fast and accurate.
  • Ensuring the communication between the consultant and the system user.
  • Control over completed or failed tasks of company managers, efficient solution of tasks.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly user interface.
  • Mobility of received information.
  • A modern tool for company employees (support team).

Category: Viber боты
Author: Alpha Bots
Client: The Tender
Date: 15.09.2020