Link to the bot: @Revizzor_bot
Category: Telegram chatbot

Elite Rent chatbot was developed for a real estate company. Bot is a system for managing real estate agents. You can use the bot to create apartment entries where you can show the customer pictures, description, price. If the customer is interested in the apartment, he or she can book an appointment to see the apartment. Bot administrator will receive a notification of a new request with customer contact data. The bot offers many roles, it will make your business more flexible. The administrator will be able to manage employees, assign agents in charge of demonstrating the apartment to the customer. Employees can use convenient filters helping to make a quick selection of flats. One of them is a filter of an apartment for today which serve as the workday plan for the employee.

Chatbot features:

  1. Creates checklists for cleaning.
  2. It tracks employees’ location which make the deception impossible.
  3. The bot checks the date on pictures for the photo report.
  4. The ability to pay for services inside the bot using Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  5. Report visualization using

Bot benefits:

The bot saves time for the owner and employees, as it instantly gathers and generates reports based on various locations and sends them to managers for review; managers can confirm or dismiss the cleaning by specifying the shortcomings. The bot can earn money as is serves as the helper for other cleaning business owners.

Author: Alpha Bots
Client: Revizorro
Date: 15.09.2020