A modern sales channel for your business

If your computer or smartphone is not at hand, there is no way you can efficiently handle all incoming requests and customer questions. Chatbot for the webstore will answer typical questions asked by your guests, generate product orders, show up-to-date offers and help save time and boost your income.

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Benefits of selling using the bot

You will not miss the opportunity to create a modern sales tool


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Personalized approach to every user

Customers appreciate it when the business offers them special treatment, therefore the bot gives an additional opportunity for personal offers, recommendations, tips, it simplifies product search for new visitors. This is done based on data obtained during preliminary analysis and collection of information about buyers.

Comfort and convenient use

In many cases, customers prefer writing in the messenger to calling, as it saves time: they can compose a message at any time regardless of circumstances and receive a prompt response and a professional consultation, as the bot may have a dialogue with multiple users at once.

Elimination of the human factor

Chatbot helps managers have conversations with “challenging customers” while reducing the risk of conflict situations. Moreover, unlike a human being, the bot may serve multiple users at once (this is especially true for typical repeated request)

Reduced cost

An automated dialogue with customers is a wonderful alternative to the operator’s salary payment on weekends or during the night; it also helps reduce the number of employees since with the bot, operators will only be required in exceptional situations

Request processing speed

Depending on the speed of the web store support response, the customer gets a differing impression about the business, which can be confirmed by statistical data: • 66% of users consider the service to be successful is they feel that the company values their time; • for a hotline, the average customer waiting time must constitute up to 11 minutes; • expected time of company’s response to an email - up to 1 hour.

24/7 availability for users

It is definitely a plus for any company that aims at increasing customer loyalty using the feature that lets customers submit requests and get a prompt response at any time on any day.

Additional functionality

Customers like the service that utilizes chatbots: over 65% of online buyers will message the seller in the messenger, and 53% of customers are more likely to make a purchase in the store with a chat and direct messaging options. After all, everything that a modern buyer wants, can be provided by a chatbot which:

  • Answers quickly;
  • Helps solve problems or fulfil all user requests and wishes without involving a human in the process (operator, manager);
  • Makes purchases fast and convenient in just two clicks;
  • Enables the user to always be in the know about all promotions, new products, as well as receive reminders about personal offers, and so on;
  • Gives advice during order placement;
  • Selects the closest store, check the availability of the product in stock;
  • Organizes product delivery;
  • Helps return the product;
  • Helps make additional sales.

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