Optimize your delivery

Delivery bot is an IT solution for automating online order placement and delivery of anything to anywhere. Your bot can work non-stop 24/7 and boost customer loyalty.


Receiving orders

Checkout directly inside the bot

Order payment

Connects to payment systems

Connects to the CRM

Adds orders and customer data to CRM


Generates the required reporting in the bot

Integrates with services

Connects to delivery, logistics services, and so on

Sends notifications

Timely notifications to the customer and the manager

Additional functionality

  • Connects to the CRM to integrate with orders placed on the website.
  • Receiving orders in the bot.
  • Assigns and sends requests to couriers.
  • Couriers receive a notification of a new order and can take the order if they are available and nearby the delivery address. The operator will also receive a notification that the courier took an order. Other couriers will see a notification that the “order is taken” intended to motivate them. 
  • Disabling/enabling a courier on the line. If the courier has a day-off or any difficulties, he or she can choose “Unavailable” options.
  • After the customer checks out, notifications on its completion status will be shown: Order accepted, Forwarded to the courier, Order shipped, etc. SMS and status templates are customizable.
  • The courier delivers the order to the customer and notifies the bot that the order is delivered.
  • The operator sees in the system that the order is delivered and closes it.
  • Data on all orders are downloadable in a convenient for your business format.
  • Integration with Google Sheets and other services.
  • Viewing accepted and dismissed orders, searching by order number, the ability to tick orders where the courier has forwarded the payment to the company (in case of payment in cash).
  • Mailout.
  • Visual statistics that can be viewed by weeks (salary, number of orders) per each courier or other types of statistics at the request of your company.
  • The imbedded in the bot chat feature for communication between the courier and the operator.
  • Tracking courier’s location.
  • Ongoing control over couriers and order deliveries.
  • Tracking popular product inventory reduction and reminders on the need to restock them.
  • Feedback from customers.
  • Informing customers about new products, promotions and sales.
  • Maintaining and sending various reports on completed tasks (commercial offers, invoices, reconciliation statements, other reports, etc.; saved costs on SMS as messages in messengers are free and unlimited).

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