Every cryptocurrency has
its own code for


Even if the exchange rate
dropped yesterday,
tomorrow it can shoot
up by 1000 $


There are hardly no people that
don’t know what

Bots and Blockchains


Blockchain is a technology of the future that is being used in many business areas today. Blockchain systems and smart contacts may be used to solve applied tasks, such as interbank and exchange settlements, financial settlements between companies and people, open electronic voting, confirming copyright to digital content and digital notarization. The advantages of this technology are speed, transparency, accessibility, reliability and affordability.

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What can blockchain do in messengers?

Exchange, sale, storage in a bot

The bot can be used to store, exchange or sell cryptocurrency

Creating cryptocurrency wallets

Every chatbot user has their own unique generated wallet

24/7 access to the service from any devices

Blockchain system has no meal breaks or end of operating hours

Payment inside the bot

Pay for your products and services directly in the bot from your cryptocurrency wallet


Transaction data may be checked by any user

Smart contracts

Don’t worry about the deal with smart contracts


What is a smart contract?

Smart contracts are computer protocols or, simply saying, a computer code. The code is used to enter all conditions of the contract concluded between the parties into the blockchain. Obligations of the parties are specified in the smart contract in the form “if – then” (for instance: “if Party A transfers money, then Party B transfers rights to the apartment”). Two or more parties are available, they can be both individuals and companies. As soon the conditions are met, smart contract makes a transaction and guarantees that the deal will be complied with.

  • Independence – no need to look for a specialist to make a deal.
  • Security – the contract is stored in the encrypted format in the distributed log
  • Reliability – all documents are duplicated in the blockchain multiple times
  • Savings – no need to pay for intermediary services
  • Accuracy – no need to manually fill in multiple forms risking to make a mistake

Cryptocurrency exchangers

Cryptocurrency exchange lets users quickly get the required currency type. The cryptocurrency exchanger works just as any other exchanger, with the only difference that all transactions happen faster and online. With the accelerated development of modern technologies and internet business, the number of exchangers on the web increases rapidly which sometimes misleads users. After all, all of them offer their own rates, sometimes even hidden fees, others have an inflated or undervalued exchange rate – it is really complicated to select the best service. This is why it is worth paying attention to the chatbot developed by our team – CrexFex. This is a service that allow both making payments in cryptocurrency and exchanging it. This is possible thanks to the cryptocurrency exchanger which charges a minimum fee for the exchange.


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