Increase in performance

Easily increase your conversion by means of the right funnel and take the workload off your managers


Automate daily routine tasks and contribute time to really useful issues for your business


Increase involvement in your business by emailing free news items to all bot users


Why do you need a chatbot? It's a good question

You need a chatbot because this is a new stage in the development of your business! Save money, reduce time spent and ensure user-friendliness – all with the help of chatbots.

  • transfer part of routine operations to the environment users are familiar with – messengers, where we spend a lot of time;
  • operate on the principle of “not to complicate” or “the best interface is no interface”, and therefore, release us from unnecessary switching to other applications;
  • minimize the impact of the “human factor” in the transmission of information and, accordingly:
    • reduce the likelihood of mistakes;
    • save time for performance of more important tasks, eliminating routine operations;
    • increase the level of process manageability due to the function of a “fair” controller.

What is a chatbot? Now let's explain

A chatbot is a software written by a developer that communicates with the user through the messenger interface and performs programmed actions in response to commands. What you see in messengers is just a bot shell, because “under the hood” the most complex algorithms may run.


What kind of chatbots exist?

Consultant bot

Will answer customer questions and help determine a solutions


Will answer frequently asked questions and help you understand the product

Corporate bot

Inform new employees about the processes in the company

Bot for HoReCa

Bot for Cafe/Bars/Restaurants to improve the service

Artificial intelligence

Simulates intelligent behavior and performs logical tasks

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A little about us

Alpha Bots is a creative bot development team for Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Slack and Facebook. We have more than 5 years of bot development for many areas of business behind us. Our team has more than 20 qualified specialists.

In 2015, after the first messenger bots appeared, we saw a rapid increase in the popularity of bot integration into businesses and process automation – demand was identified, and this was the point of confidence in launching a bot creation company.

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